Is Cherlato only available from the Cherlato Truck? How can I find it?1/5
For now, Cherlato may only be purchased from the Cherlato truck in Los Angeles. See the truck's locations and schedule on our website.
Is Cherlato eco-friendly and sustainable?2/5
Cherlato goes to great lengths to use local, small-farm grown ingredients, many of them sourced from California. We take pride in selecting farm partners who honor their environmental impact and share in our ethos as a brand. Our flavor research begins with visits to local farms, artisanal suppliers, and LA markets. Cherlato is grounded in seasonal ingredients and community partnerships, as we strive to learn from each other, share, and champion what arises. Our serving cups, trays, spoons, and napkins are recyclable and made with sustainable materials.
Who are Cherlato's ingredient partners3/5
Cherlato is proud to partner with local farms and artisanal ingredient crafters across California and beyond! Our current partners include:

Alexandre Family Farm in Crescent City, California
Alana’s Coffee Roasters in Venice, California
Kimball Avocados from Ventura County, California
Bill’s Bees Avocado Blossom Honey from hives in the Angeles National Forest
Guittard Chocolate from Burlingame, California
Arnett Farms Pluots from California’s Central Valley
Edelweiss Chocolates in Beverly Hills
Are there any notable allergens in Cherlato Gelato?4/5
The Cherlato truck is not a gluten or allergen-free environment.
Is there a vegan option?5/5
Yes! Our "LA, I Love You" gelato is 100% vegan, and is made with plain, unsweetened Malibu Mylk.
We know Cher... who is Giapo? 5/5
Gianpaolo Grazioli is the co-owner and creative director of Giapo, the renowned ice cream kitchen located in Auckland, New Zealand. When Cher stepped into his shop in 2018, it was love at first sight, leading to their eventual partnership in creating Cherlato. Gianpaolo's vision is to write the next chapter in the world of ice cream, moving beyond the realms of Italian gelato and American ice cream. By intertwining the various threads of his life's experiences, he has cultivated a singular passion: using ice cream as a vehicle to provide everyone with an opportunity to pause, question, defy conformity, express freedom, and ultimately find inspiration. You can read more about Giapo's background here.